The Villages Together Partnership

Villages Together is run by a partnership of local residents who are the accountable body at the heart of the Woolavington and Puriton Big Local.

Working collectively, the Villages Together Partnership have an executive decision-making role; providing direction and setting the priorities of our Big Local Plan.

They also manage the community grants scheme and project funding, and maintain a record of spend, in conjunction with SHAL Housing – the Locally Trusted Organisation.


The Partnership meet monthly to discuss funding applications and to continue to shape the development and delivery of what we are trying to achieve through our strategic plan.

The Partnership is comprised of voting members, who are residents of both Puriton and Woolavington, and non-voting members who represent various organisations, such as SHAL Housing and The Local Trust, or act in a supporting role.

Dates for future meetings in 2021

The Partnership currently meet at the 37 Club, Woolavington Road, Puriton TA7 8AD.  Meetings begin at 7 pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, 21st July
  • Wednesday, 18th August
  • Wednesday, 15th September
  • Wednesday, 20th October
  • Wednesday, 17th November
  • Wednesday, 15th December

Please note: If you would like to attend one of our Villages Together Partnership meetings, please contact Jenny Manners at to make arrangements.


The partnership consists of a minimum of 8* and up to a maximum of 20 voting members. The voting membership is open to residents of the Woolavington and Puriton Big Local area.

*A minimum of 4 voting members per village.

Advisers from groups, businesses, or organisations are invited to support the partnership as-and-when required.  Known as ‘supporting non-voting members’, they could be: Villages Together workers, the Big Local Rep, representatives from SHAL, etc.

How to get in touch

Please get in touch with us for whatever reason: to discover how to apply for funding, to find out how to get involved, to share your thoughts and ideas.