Community Grants

This funding is for any charity or not-for-profit community group or organisation that delivers activities or opportunities in Woolavington and/or Puriton – and meets our Community Grants Funding Criteria.

Our Community Grant is a straight forward small grants scheme, which promotes Villages Together and encourages people to get involved with our Big Local programme.

Community groups or organisations can apply for up to £1,000 to support their delivery against the Villages Together Big Local Plan.

Applications will be considered and determined by the Villages Together Partnership committee and the Local Trusted Organisation – SHAL Housing.

Please Note: Retrospective funding is not eligible. Any procurement must be completed after funds are received. Procurement undertaken prior to this will be at your own risk.

How to apply?

If you have an idea for a project, event, celebration, or activity and you would like to apply for Community Grant funding, please:

  1. read our Community Grants Funding Criteria and – if you feel that your idea is suitable for Villages Together,
  2. send a brief outline to Jenny and Jon at:  
  3. we will check that your idea meets our funding criteria, and – if all is OK – send you an application form and guidance notes.

If, at any point in the process, you need some more information or advice, we will be happy to help.  Please contact Jenny Manners and Jon Cousins at / 07740 410 232.

Successful Projects

Some of the great community projects and events that have received Community Grant funds include:

  • Flare Youth Group: to purchase a portable speaker and games for young people who attend the group.
  • 1st Puriton Rainbows: resources and activities for their group.
  • Woolavington Craft Group: Resources and equipment.
    Woolavington Craft and Chat group are delighted with their £1,000 community grant they will be purchasing some new crafting equipment and resources to attend craft fairs.  A lovely, friendly group all welcome!
  • Puriton Flower Show: for their annual event; for printing, promotion, banners,  and certificates.
  • Puriton Happy Tots: received a £1,000 grant to purchase new toys for the children.
  • Puriton Allotment Association: received a £1,000 grant for a new shed and fixing materials.
  • The Hub in Woolavington: received a £1,000 grant to provide food boxes for families during COVID-19.