Big Local Grants

Guidance Notes and Criteria

Community Grants Scheme

Top tips for making a Community Grants scheme application

  • Read the Villages Together 2-year plan – consider where your project fits within the plan.
  • Read the Funding Criteria below – consider if your project meets the criteria. If not, sadly, your project cannot be funded by our Community Grants scheme.

Ask yourself:

  • Will your project benefit the residents of Puriton and Woolavington?
  • What are the intended outputs and outcomes for your project?
  • How long will your project run for?
  • Will your project continue after the end of the Villages Together programme (2025)?
  • Refer to our four key themes and decide if and how your project meets one (or more) of these themes.
  • How much funding do you need? Please breakdown your costings so it is very clear what the money will be spent on and when.
  • Match-funding is something that we are keen to encourage. Please let us know if you have applied to any other funders to help support your project.

Funding Criteria for the Villages Together Community Grants scheme:

  1. For your organisation to be eligible it must a) be either a charity or not-for-profit, b) have a bank account and c) serve the residents of Woolavington and/or Puriton.
  2. Your organisation must meet in Woolavington or Puriton.
  3. Your organisation must have participants from Woolavington or Puriton.
  4. If a project involves children and/or vulnerable adults, the necessary Disclosure & Baring Service (DBS) certificates and safeguarding must be in place.
  5. You can apply for up to £1,000.
  6. Big Local funding cannot be granted retrospectively. We will not fund projects already started, work procured or undertaken, or items already purchased.
  7. The grant must be spent within 6 months of the funding being handed over.
  8. The grant will be used for the items/expenditure detailed in the application form.
  9. If, during the process, the use for the funding changes from that which was specified on the application form, you must contact Villages Together immediately to advise us of this alteration.
    Consideration will be given as to whether we wish to continue to support your project. Should we decide not to do so, then we will request the funding to be returned to Villages Together.
  10. If requested, original receipts and claims will be presented to Villages Together.
  11. Any under-spend will be returned to Villages Together.
  12. If any equipment is purchased as part of the grant, it should be used to benefit the people of Woolavington and Puriton. If it is no longer needed, you must inform Villages Together so we can decide if it is needed elsewhere.
  13. We want to celebrate all projects funded as part of the Villages Together; therefore, we ask all applicants to write a short account of how the grant made a difference to the group. Please include photos where possible.
  14. Organisations can only apply once in a 12-month period, for example: if you apply in May 2021, then you can not apply again until May 2022 at the earliest.
  15. Applications must be received by 5 pm, Wednesday of the first week of the month, full details are on the application form.
  16. If any of the conditions listed in this document are broken, then you will be liable to repay the full amount of the grant to Villages Together Big Local.

What type of thing can be funded?  Here are some examples:

  • Purchasing equipment or items to improve the community.
  • Finding solutions for transport for a group of residents.
  • Helping others in the community.
  • Passing on business skills to others.
  • Helping others to take an active part in the community.
  • Creating opportunities that residents are seeking.

Next Steps?

If you have an idea for a project, event, celebration, or activity – and are thinking of applying – please visit our Community Grants page, where you will find all the relevant information.

Already making a difference?  Please use our evaluation form to tell us how your Big Local community project is going; to share your thoughts and photos with us and the Villages Together community.

If you need help or advice about potential projects or if you would like to discuss applying for Villages Together funding, please contact Jon Cousins, our Community Project Lead: 07740 410232,