‘A Name for The New Pathway’ Competition

Villages Together are inviting the pupils of Woolavington and Puriton Primary Schools to help us with a project that we’re working on with Gravity – the group developing the former Royal Ordinance Factory (ROF 37) site.

As many folk will know, part of the Gravity’s plans involve the creation of a new pathway – a footpath, cycle-way, ‘multi-user route’ – between Puriton and Woolavington, and Villages Together are holding a competition for pupils to come up with a name for this new pathway!

Entering the competition could be something that individual children might like to consider – or it could be something that a class might like to work on together.

Villages Together are very happy to accept several entries form any-and-all of the pupils – or their class. It could be that a child enters in their own right and again as part of a class effort.

The winning suggestion will become the official name of the path – be used on signs, maps, etc. – being something that the winning child or class will contribute to the history of the villages.

It could be a name that reflects something about the area – its nature, or geography, or past – or it could commemorate or celebrate a member of the community, a local group, a famous person, or someone from history.

To enter, please click HERE to download and complete this entry form.

Please send completed entry forms to Jon Cousins at Jon@shal.org

The deadline for entries will be Friday, 3rd December 2021.